About us

KYTION is a newly established company in the paper packaging industry, offering Integrated Packaging & P.O.P Solutions thanks to its contemporary vertically integrated production facilities and the high qualification and technical experience of its’ executives.

KYTION aims to deliver products of high aesthetic and functionality along with customer services of the highest quality, always according to our philosophy: ‘On-time, On-budget, On-quality’.

Our premises:
Our new factory is located in an industrial area in Northern Greece with premises spanning across 5.200m2.

ΚΥΤΙΟΝ is a business unit of the Pyramis Group. Besides our common goals, vision and mission, our 60 years of experience in manufacturing coupled with our financial health make us a reliable partner for all related ventures.


Our Vision is to be an organized, competitive, profitable & financially independent paper packaging company, offering a complete range of high-quality services to its customers, while respecting the environment and its’ employees, through operations adhering to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & FSC standards and protocols.


Our Goal is to maintain and continue to develop further a production process that is fully compliant with the strictest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and become swiftly a key, competitive supplier within the Greek Packaging & P.O.P market. This will pave the way for KYTION to achieve growth for both its production output and turnover in the Greek market, as well as for exports in the mid – term within this competitive market.


Customer centric growth strategy devoted to the achievement of highest customer satisfaction.

Flexibility and adaptability of our production methods in order to follow the constant changes in the packaging & P.O.P. industry and all related technological upgrades.

Full respect for our social and environmental responsibility.

Investment in new technology and highly skilled Human Capital.

Identification and fulfillment of the emerging consumer needs.


  • Our team consists of executives with many years of experience and unparalleled expertise in the field of packaging, as well as of highly skilled and specialized personnel with an open minded approach and top notch training.
  • Our production processes are founded onto GMP standards.
  • At KYTION we are placing special emphasis on the continuous training of our employees and are investing consistently in this field on an ongoing basis.