1. Packaging and P.O.P. design
    Industrial designers, with many years of experience in the packaging field, study thoroughly every individual product, in order to design the proper packaging or P.O.P. solution, through specialized CAD software and create subsequently the respective prototype on a ‘state of the art’ plotter.
  2. Pre-press – Proofs
    Files control, proof printing, montage and C.T.P.
  3. Printing
    We print on a 5-colors’ machine with water and U.V varnish, with digital control of the printing drums, aiming to achieve the perfect result.
  4. Cutting, laminating and high precision gluing machines.
  5. Diligent Q.A & Q.C.
    KYTION is certified with ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and BS OHSAS 18001